Big Smiles Club

At Kids Dentaland, we educate our patients in maintaining good oral hygiene, which helps maintain a healthy smile. Our dentists go step by step on what a child’s brushing routine entails. The Big Smiles Kids Club is a way of motivating our children to maintain a cavity free smile.

How can child participate?
By following these simple rules:

  • Rule #1: Brush your teeth at least three times a day, especially at night.
  • Rule #2: Floss your teeth at least three times a week (and remind your parents to do it, too!).
  • Rule #3: When you’re thirsty and it’s not meal-time, ask for water.
  • Rule #4: Eat healthy snacks, such as fruits.
  • Rule #5: Visit our dentist 1 x 6 months.

Follow these rules and not only will you have great teeth, but you will be a star member of the Big Smile Kids Club, which means you can win great prizes!

Who qualifies to enter the monthly drawing?
Children who have had three consecutive no cavity visits.*

*Child must attend his/her check-up 1 x 6 months in order for it to be considered consecutive. Drawing will be done among the children that visited our office that current month. We want everyone to have the opportunity to participate.

For Parents:

Congratulations on your child being part of the Big Smiles Kids Club. Dr. Ochoa and associates is committed to your child’s oral health and it is our goal for your visits to be as informative as possible. We have developed our Big Smiles Kids Club to help motivate the children and their parents to maintain a healthier smile. Below is a list of the aspects of the club we would like for you to know.

1. A benefit of being cavity free is that your child will be entering into a monthly drawing for the chance to win prizes. Children are greatly motivated when receiving prices.

2. As a way of recognizing your child’s effort, he/she will earn a spot on our wall of fame, which means placing his/her picture at the Big Smile Kids Club section.

* This will give your child the opportunity to share with family and friends, his/her accomplishment, by directing them to the corresponding section of the website, where he/she can show off his/her picture. Now days, children like to be recognized among society.

*Child’s personal information will remain confidential. No personal information such a name, age, address, phone number, etc. will be revealed.

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